What is 2020 Warm Feet?

Making Sure All Winnipeggers have warm feet

A Winnipeg-wide sock drive to help those in need

2020 Warm Feet is a Winnipeg-focused sock drive, but we aim to work with local businesses and individuals alike to collect as many new pairs of socks as possible and donate them to local homeless shelters. Since the drive will take place in October, we are hoping to get socks to those in need before winter arrives.

We realized that COVID-19 may diminish the impact of a physical sock drive, so we have incorporated the online sock drive: you can "purchase" socks through us and we will do the shopping for you! To participate in the online sock drive, please click on the "Buy Socks Online" Link above (please note that it goes to an external site).

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% Of Virtual Drive Goal
(2,020 pairs of socks)

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Total Pairs of Socks Collected from drop off locations

Homelessness in Winnipeg

According to a publication from 2012, "it is estimated that there are about 135,000 people at risk of becoming homeless, 7600 `hidden' homeless, 1,915 short-term or crisis sheltered people and 350 living on the streets". These individuals come from all walks of life, being of different ages, education levels, cultural backgrounds, etc (an excellent study detailing all of this can be found here). Here are some astonishing numbers about homelessness in Winnipeg from a 3 day census done by Winnipeg Street Census:

Average Age 40 Years Old
Under the age of 29 32%
Under the age of 18 6.5%
have High School Diploma or higher 46%
First became homeless due to family breakdown 34%
First became homeless due to natural disaster 2%
have served in the RCMP or military 6%
identify as LGBT2SQ+10.9%

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